1971 Born in Tokyo Tokyo
2003 Appointed as an honorary advisor of oriental art by the Thai Red Cross Society Bangkok
2003 Submitted to the Salon d’Automne in Paris Paris
2007 Omotesando Hills Exhibition vol.1 Tokyo
2007 Omotesando Hills Exhibition vol.2 Tokyo
2012 Held a solo exhibition at the Art Fair Tokyo 2012 in Tokyo Tokyo
2012 Submitted to the Fukushima Biennale 2012 in Fukushima Fukushima
2012 Submitted to the GEISAI#17 in Tokyo Tokyo
2012 Submitted to the Tagboat Art Fes 2013 in Tokyo Tokyo
2013 Submitted to the Tokyo Designers Week 2013 in Tokyo Tokyo
2018 Featured on The VOGUE Culture
2018 Submitted to the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles Los Angeles
2018 Submitted to the Artexpo New York in New York New York